HACKING the Online SCAMMERS Who Tricked Us!

HACKING the Online SCAMMERS Who Tricked Us!

Hundreds of thousands of people fall victim to scams every year. Many are run from criminal call centres in India, where teams of fraudsters operate around the clock. Now Panorama has obtained hacked CCTV footage from inside one scam call centre that shows exactly how it works. Reporter Rajini Vaidyanathan tracks down the man behind the crime and the victims who have been conned. Here is, “HACKING the Online SCAMMERS Who Tricked Us!”

Criminal Call Centres in India

In recent months, India has been a hotbed for criminal call centres. There are several examples of such centres in the capital, including the suburb of Malad West in Mumbai. Indian police have shut down dozens of low-rise office buildings and busy streets to prevent scammers from targeting Canadians. These call centre lockdowns are not permanent, however. In the coming months, more lockdowns are likely to occur as fraudsters work their way through the country.

U.S. Attorney Erskine has filed criminal charges against criminal call centres in India. The calls were made to scam American residents, particularly elderly people. Some of the most common phone scams involve impersonating government agencies or a loan. As a result, a number of people were arrested. DCP Meena has charged 12 people, including several call centre directors. This case will likely lead to further arrests.

Criminal call centres in India

The Department of Justice has imposed new penalties on the perpetrators of these scams. The criminal call centres involved in these cases are linked to a series of high-profile arrests. These centres have become a major source of complaints for the Delhi Police, and their modus operandi is intricate. These scams have been growing for years, and senior officers have testified about the rising number of victims. A few of the most recent ones involved the owner of a criminal call centre in India.

Hacking Online Scammers

Criminal call centres in India have become a growing problem in the UK. The U.S. Attorney’s Office filed criminal charges against six companies that used criminal call centres to defraud Americans, largely the elderly. These criminals also pose as tax authorities and scam their victims into paying them large amounts of money. This has resulted in numerous arrests and convictions.

In addition to illegal overseas callers, the criminals behind such scams have been active in the U.S. for years. The Department of Justice charged five individuals from India and eight of its agents, including Fintalk Global and Sushil Sachdeva. In addition to these, other directors of the company include Gaje Singh Rathore and Swarndeep Singh alias Sawaran Deep Kohli. The illegal callers also operate in the UK, Canada, and other countries.

The former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions highlighted a multi-jurisdictional sting that targeted the criminal call centres in India. He said that the operation of the call centre industry had become a serious nuisance for the Delhi Police. The sting was a result of a scam targeting a senior officer of the Indian Police. He was convicted of robbery that cost several millions of dollars scammed from citizens in the United States.

How The Online Scammers Operate

In India, many call centre operators operate illegally in the United States, Canada, the UK and other affluent countries. These companies are based in India and have been defrauding many citizens worldwide by impersonating a government agency. The scams target the elderly and the vulnerable. They include impersonating tax agencies and posing as technical support of tech giants. There are cases of scammers using hacked CCTV to trick the unsuspecting public.

They send fake pop-ups to citizens, usually warning of some kind of malware on the victim’s computer. They then offer technical support. The fake pop-ups are actually scams. The call centre in India has a website that links to a fraudulent phone number. These scammers often demand large sums of money for fake assistance, which they can’t provide.

The call centres sell these lists to each other, especially those including victims who have fallen for scams in the past.

Previously, the police arrested the owners of call centres, but now it’s the employees. They ask the owner for protection from the police and ask him to give them contacts in the police department. The victim calls the operator of the scam to receive a fake call back. These scammers are usually paid in cash, and they will also demand payment when the victim calls them back.

What Are the Authorities Doing About This?

In August, the police raided two call centres in Kolkata, which defrauded thousands of people in the UK. In a four-year-long operation, they were able to shut down the fraudulent call centers and put them out of business. They’ve planned a number of other raids for the future, all related to call centres.

Conclusion – HACKING the Online SCAMMERS Who Tricked Us!

For now, the alleged criminals are unlikely to be convicted of any crime, but this does not mean that they aren’t still in business. Check out the video above “HACKING the Online SCAMMERS Who Tricked Us!” to see what private individuals are doing to help and in depth reporting on what they found.  It’s very eye-opening.

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