Is FreeBitco.in a Scam?

So many people have gotten caught up in bitcoin mining scams so I am actually pleased to do a review on this one. The simple answer to is freebitco.in a scam is NO! I have and am still using this platform and they have never failed to make a payout. There are also other features that makes this site appealing.

If you are unsure what bitcoin or cryptocurrency is all about, check out my primer on this HERE for a full explanation of the ins and outs of this field.

Is Freebitco.in a Scam?

If you check out other sites asking this question, you will find true reviews that tell the true tale that this site is NOT a scam. You will also find others who put this site down and then offer their own get-rich-quick scheme. THESE fools are the true scammers. However, as my mom used to say, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”. The proof with ANY of these types of sites is does it pay out? Well, here is a screen shot from my own page on this site:

Is FreeBitco.in a Scam?

As you can see, it has definitely paid out for me and I have never had one problem with payout on this site. After all, we aren’t doing this for our health, are we? If it doesn’t pay out, it’s a scam and this one pays out without a hitch. It also does so very promptly.

How Does it Work?

In the site’s own words, “In our free game you can win BitcoinCash. You don‘t have to spend any money, it‘s free and you can win more than 200$ each hour! Look at the table below. It depends on the number. If you roll 10000 you win 200$, but if you want to win more you can multiply your bitcoin cash in our Multiply game. Enjoy!”

Now, are you going to earn $200/hour? The answer is, it’s extremely doubtful. Please see their payment structure:

Is FreeBitco.in a Scam?

Each hour you get a free spin that randomly generates a number between 1-10,000. If it is under 9,885 then you earn the minimum. However, you do earn SOMETHING and every little bit adds up. If you are on your computer a lot like I am and simply click each hour you receive a small amount that slowly adds. up.

If you are the betting type, you can also play their Multiply Game or Lottery to try to add to the amount of bitcoins you have already accumulated.

Is it really free?

Yes, it is COMPLETELY FREE! You don’t even get the usual annoying advertising to invest. Instead of withdrawing it gives you the option to leave your bitcoins with them and earn 6% interest on them which is much better than bank interest any day. To this end you CAN deposit funds but it makes no difference to your hourly earnings. There are other ads for other bitcoin sites that are inoffensively put around the page. I cannot comment on the veracity of these and this goes beyond the scope of this review.

How Often Can I Withdraw?

Basically, the answer is, whenever you want but you do need to be aware that they take a network fee of 0.003 bitcoins so you must have at least that amount accumulated before you withdraw. If you only have that amount then you are basically only paying your fee and getting nothing so it behooves you to wait until you have a reasonable amount in your account before withdrawing. Whatever that amount is, is up to you.

Referral Earnings

As with almost all of these platforms, there is a referral bonus. Every time your referral makes a free roll, you will automatically receive a percentage directly into your account balance.

How fast will I get rich?

BAH Hahahahahah!!! Sorry, I had to put that in here. The basic answer is never unless you have tons and tons of friends that also sign up. However, this DOES provide a nice steady trickle of bitcoins – even if you haven’t referred a single person. As someone who works on a computer all day, it’s not difficult for me to click on the website every hour and slowly accumulate a bit of bitcoin. It also has a convenient Bing! that can sound every hour so that you don’t miss an hour (this feature can be turned off but I appreciate the reminder).

If you would like to try this platform out, simply click HERE.

Are you looking to this site to earn you real money?

Well, sadly, as with the very few bitcoin platforms that are free, you will not be able to retire on this one. As a matter of fact, you won’t be able to make much off of any of them.

If you are reading this, I have to think that you are looking to make REAL money on the internet. However, with all the scams, MLMs and pyramid schemes out there, it becomes totally daunting and can also be EXPENSIVE as some encourage you to invest and then laugh all the way to the bank with your hard-earned money while giving you nothing. That is if you are lucky and have only wasted your TIME rather than your MONEY.

How to make money on line

As with anything, making money on line takes time and effort but it is possible. I have been scammed and burned but I kept on looking until I found a space that actually works. This space is Wealthy Affiliates. Frankly, I approached this site with a GREAT deal of skepticism. The only reason why I even tried it out was because it offered a week of training and the ability to build two websites completely for free – and that portion of the training and two websites stays free if that is as far as you take it. Period. There is absolutely no risk.

This is not a scam, scheme, MLM, pyramid market or any such other thing. Will it make you rich fast? No. Will it make you rich? Yes, but it’s up to you and the amount of effort you want to put in – just like anything in life. If you are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, stop reading now.

However, have you ever had a great business idea or plan to start something online, researched for hours on ways to start and then just ended up getting frustrated and quitting? Well, I have too but with the support of the community at WA, I have been able to stay motivated and actually create a niche just for myself and to also help others (such as the review above).

Yes, I can be ME and still make money. The only limit to the money that can be made here is myself and the amount of effort I wish to put in. But isn’t that the way of anything worthwhile? Do you get paid for your job if you don’t show up and do it? Nope.

Why Wealthy Affiliates works

Are you making enough money and are happy with your job, grinding out the 9-5, then you probably don’t need this information. If, on the other hand, you are like me and the majority of people out there who are barely scraping by then this site is for you.

If you are a student looking to make some money on the side while you study then WA can help you do that. Do you want to get a blog going and start making money from your existing hobbies or new business idea? We all have hobbies or something we are interested in and their training is designed to take your idea and turn it into a profitable sustainable business. Do you have no clue where to start in the on line business world? Then this is the best program you could find.


It’s all about community. At Wealthy Affiliates there is a community of thousands of people that will bend over backwards to help make your ideas work and help you to succeed. Any time I post a question in WA I get a multitude of well-thought-out answers and also pointers to training on just what I was asking. NEVER have I been made to feel stupid or inadequate. This is VERY important to everyone at WA as we all want to help each other no matter how new or experienced we are.


The education at WA is presented in easy step by step modules with areas to ask questions at the end of each. There are hours of free video tutorials and webinars. There just isn’t a question you can think of about affiliate marketing that isn’t or cannot be answered here!

Website Hosting Included

Website hosting is provided at WA and runs from free to having your own standalone site for $19.99/year which is the absolute cheapest in the industry and you don’t have to know a THING about coding.  More importantly, the price of your website will NEVER increase, unlike many of the other website providers out there that suck you in with an introductory offer just to continue increasing the yearly fee and to up-sell you on other products.  This will never happen at WA.

How does it work?

You start with a free starter account that gives you access to the platform for 7 days. You sign up with your email and create a free account. Then you get started with your training and even set up a website and hosting without spending a dime. It’s basically a trial period so you can explore the platform and see if it’s for you. Once those 7 days are up you can choose to continue using the WA free features indefinitely.

If you would like to read my full review of Wealthy Affiliates, entitled “Is Wealthy Affiliates a Scam”, click here.

For true success and if you like the platform, then you can sign up for the premium membership for the first month for only $19.00. This gives you access to ALL training including the next progressive modules as well as a huge library of instructional videos covering any topic to do with affiliate marketing and a wealth of instructional webinars.

Get out of the rat race and join Wealthy Affiliates today!!!


I would love to hear your comments on this!  Your comments help me to expand my blogs to areas that are of interest to my readers.  Remember, the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask!



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Darlene Thompson

After being sucked into various on-line scams, especially those involving bitcoins, I have dedicated this site and my work herein to ensure that nobody falls into the traps that I have and to assist people in making REAL money on-line, from home. After all, if you can dream it you CAN do it and I'm here to help!


  1. Hii 

    This review is so educative because after reading this review now I know that free bcash is not a scam.We can earn money using bcash & it’s totally free .One also can withdraw money anytime.So this is a productive review & I am going to tell my friends and family about bcash .Thanks a lot for the review..

    • Thank you very much for your comment!  All the best on this site – I know I’ve had fun with it!

  2. Hmmm…I am still in the dark about bitcoins! I guess I was introduced to the bitcoin concept when it first came out and it sounded too good to be true – if it meant the industry was about “making” money (which is what that article I read claimed!). It sounds like what you are saying in the article is that you can “accumulate” money. My question is though: How do you use what you have accumulated? Is the goal of the b-cash site one to help people accumulate money. And excuse my limited knowledge, but what is the benefit to b-cash for having a space where people accumulate money? I’m just curious. It seems to easy to build up all the bitcoin and leave it there.
    And has the bitcoin industry gone bust? I don’t hear about them so much. So yes, WA sounds like the better deal! 

    • Hi Analise and thank you for your reply!  The bitcoin industry is not so much about making money but using a different KIND of money, called cryptocurency and is still alive and thriving.  Bitcoin is a type of digital currency in which a record of transactions is maintained and new units of currency are generated by the computational solution of mathematical problems, and which operates independently of a central bank.  You will never see or handle a bitcoin as it is all online.  Facebook is in the throws of creating its own type of cryptocurrency but that is another discussion.  So, bitcoin, in itself, will NEVER make you money unless you are trading it as a commodity (which would take a highly trained professional).  It is simply a different way of paying for things that bypasses the banking system completely.  This is simply a way of making more bitcoins (that you can then go use to purchase things that you would like).

      Having said that, yes, WA if a FAR better deal to make money much more quickly and reliably.  Free-BCash will provide you with a steady trickle.  WA, if you work on it, will provide you with a gush in time.

  3. Hi Darlene

    The problem with bitcoins is that there are too many schemes promising  you everything, but delivering very little. It is good to hear about a scheme where it is possible to make money and to find out it is free or for a minimal charge.  It is good to get personal experience from people who have actually used what they have reviewed.

    It sounds very interesting and I may have to give it a go. Does the amount of money you cash out vary with the value of the bitcoin at that time.

    Thank you


    • Hi Antonio and thank you for your comments!  The amount you cash out is in bitcoins so you will get x amount of bitcoins.  As you have mentioned, though, as bitcoins do fluctuate in actual value (kind of like any country’s dollar fluctuates), yes, the actual cash value is not stated.  It goes into your bitcoin wallet and when you choose to use your bitcoins they will be worth whatever the value is that day.  Its kind of like cross border shopping!

  4. Hi!

    This is a great review of a different boredom money making product.  Similar to the play games for pennies, cash out for gift cards or PayPal, right?  Or those lottery games that give you tokens you can cash out for gift cards.  If you’re already playing games, why not?  It won’t make you rich, but you can earn a nice pizza night! Or me, I can save on a bag of cat food occasionally!  LOL! I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is a better option for making actual money vs. spare change.  Thanks for letting us know about the Free Bcash thing.  I’ll have to check it out.  I’m often online writing on my blog, so it’d be interesting!

    • Thank you Selenity and yes, this does equate to a pizza night or bag of cat food – very good analogy.  With this site, however, you do not have to play the lottery or other games.  I just do the click every hour.  But, hey!  Different strokes for different folks and if a person wants to have a bit of fun with something that cost them nothing then why not, eh?  (Oop!  That “eh” was the Canadian in me coming out!)  Best of success with your blogging!

  5. Hello Darlene,

    I have not heard about the free-bcash before I have read your post, so thank you for your kind review. Good to know that it is not a scam as many of similar sites on the internet, still I do not trust the bitcoin itself either, so I will probably do not try free-bcash anyway and I will continue in Wealth affiliate as I do now. I like real money more than the virtual ones:).

    Thank you anyway for this comprehensive and informative post and I am looking forward to another one of yours!
    All the best

    • Hi Renata!  Thank you so much for your comment.  Bitcoin has its place in our economy but if its not something that you are already using and familiar with then this is probably not for you.  I do agree that Wealthy Affiliates is the way to go!  All my best to you!

  6. Thank you for this interesting and useful review of bcash. It’s good to know that it’s free and it isn’t a scam. 

    You wrote that you can’t get rich from bcash, but that you can earn some bitcoins. What are the amounts of bitcoin that you can make in this way if you spend on it some time, here and there, as you have described?

    I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and I agree with you, that WA is the place to learn how to make money online.

    • Thank you very much for your comments, Sandy and welcome!

      The amount that you make is completely up to you.  You can see their pricing structure so take the lowest amount of bitcoins per hour (because that is what you will more than likely be getting and multiply it by the number of times you click on it per day.  That is the amount you can make doing yourself.  If you invite friends, then that will go up and it all depends on the number of friends you choose to invite.

      Hey!  Its just a little trickle on the side if you are on the computer for hours and hours like many of us here on Wealthy Affiliates and you can have a bit of fun with it but that’s it.  Of course, Wealthy Affiliates is the place to go if you actually want to make REAL money and I’m so glad to have met you!  Keep up the great work!

  7. Thanks for this informative review.  I dabbled in Bitcoin years ago and now I’m kicking myself for cashing out when I did.  Still, it brings me back to see platforms using the currency and this one offering a fun and free way to earn a little bit too.

    Where I probably could have gotten rich back in the day, that’s not going to be the case here with free-bcash.  I’m still going to join and play but I won’t bet the house on it.

    I’m also pleased to see you recommend WA to those looking to build a true online business.  I’m actually a member and I can’t say enough good about it.  To anyone reading this comment, follow Darlene’s link and set up a free Starter account.  Check it out and decide if it’s the platform for you.  You won’t regret it.

    Thanks again, Darlene.  I’m off to join Free-Bcash now.


    • Thank you so much for your comments.  Yes, if we only could have all jumped on the bitcoin wagon “back in the day” – LOL.  I wish you all the best at Wealthy Affiliates and to all that give it a try!

  8. Hi there, Darlene!

    I enjoyed reading your post, Is Free-BCash a Scam.

    This Bitcoin game sounds like a bit of fun whilst we are working on the computer.

    I appreciate the fact that you stated this system will not get you rich, but there’s more to life than searching for money all the time.

    Even if you make a few dollars with the Free-BCash system, it all sounds like good fun.

    • Thank you for commenting, Jeff!
      I hope you have as much fun with this site as I have! All the best!

  9. Sites like Free B Cash won’t make you rich, but they are great for those who work in an office or are constantly on their computers. Hey, you may as well get some compensation for doing so, or bonus compensation. If one spends eight hours on their computer per day, that’s eight spins. Even with minimal cashout, it’s still worth earning something just for being on the computer. You might not be able to retire from it, but you might be able to cash out and get a free lunch or dinner each week; can’t beat that. 

  10. To be honest I’ve never heard of the site you mentioned. But I was happy to learn about it and became increasingly interested in it. Your site is super helpful and I think that it will be beneficial to lots of people. Thanks for working hard to teach people about scams and how to not be tricked by them.

  11. Your mother is a wise lady, yes the proof is trying it.  Thank you for your review on bcash. I love playing games that give us incentives. I wish I can play the games all day and make a living out of it. Thank you for your honesty though that this platform is for just making a little money on the side. I agree with you that making money with blogging is way better. It is not a get rich quick but definitely will be a nice passive income after you are investing your time in it. I am also a member of WA, I learn a lit of new tricks from Jay’s weekly trainning. I fell in love with it when I tried it for free the first time. 

    • Yes, I figured that if I I’m on the computer all day taking training and writing content that I hope will help people, I might as well have a little bit of fun (and tiny bit of profit) on the side.  The training on WA is the best I have ever seen and I look forward to meeting you there!

  12. I have used free-bcash in the past for a while and it seemed that it was no scam. However, I didn’t make any considerable amount of money with it but I didn’t really put in the time and effort either…

    Does this Wealthy Affiliate that you mentioned in your article has to do anything with bitcoin as well or not?

    • Hi Harry, its nice to hear from you!

      May I just say that you will never make a lot of money off of free-bcash.  Wanna go out for the occasional pizza?  Yep, that’s about it.

      Wealthy Affiliates, however, has absolutely NOTHING to do with bitcoin.  It is a tried and proven platform for training on how to monetize blog posts.  Through even the free version, you will be taught how to write effective blogs, use search engine optimization and be able to host two websites completely for free.  You can stay on the free program forever, if you want but most use it as a trial.  During this period, at NO TIME will you be asked for your charge card or any kind of payment (unlike like Netflix when you sign up for a free period and then WHAM end up getting charged for something you don’t want).  Its completely up to you as to whether you want to pay for all of the amazing features that this platform has to offer.  Whether you are looking for additional money part time or looking to set something up for retirement, Wealthy Affiliates has much to offer – and since its free – nothing ventured nothing gained!

  13. I know nothing of bitcoin or cryptocurrencies but this has inspired me to have a look. If nothing else it’ll be a good learning experience. Thanks for the article.

    • Hi KC,

      Its not as hard as you think and if you have ANY question about bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, don’t hesitate to come back here and pick my brain!

  14. Interesting concept. I signed up but I must confess I don’t understand the entire thing yet. I had a question about the Payout Address and used the Contact Us link to get an answer. You did a good job explaining it, it just my brain’s nickname isn’t Bounty, the quicker picker upper. 🙂 

    I’m not a gamer, so everything on that site is completely foreign to me. I like the timer feature. It keeps me aware of how long I’m working on a particular project. A side benefit, I know, but it works for me. If I didn’t earn enough to buy a dog biscuit, it’s still useful from that perspective. 

    Your segway into the WA pitch was literally seamless. Nice transition. Nice comparison between the income potential between the two. I think this will serve you well in both referrals for both Bcash and WA. 

    • Hey KC – thank you so much for your comments!

      For the payout address, you need a bitcoin wallet.  They need somewhere to send your bitcoins to, right?  So, if you don’t already have one, I use localbitcoins.net.  From that site you can buy bitcoins (if you ever need to but you don’t need to with this site) and it will also give you an address to receive bitcoins.  It is that receiving bitcoin address that free-bcash is looking for.  Once you have some bitcoins stocked up in your wallet, you can cash in your bitcoins buy selling them into your bank account.  Note that although I use localbitcoins.net, there are other wallets out there – this is just the one I use but they are all pretty much the same.

      If you run into ANY trouble with this or have ANY other questions about cryptocurrency, just come back here.  I know that for the uninitiated, it DOES get a bit confusing.  It really isn’t just you.  I’m always here to help!

  15. Hi Darlene! I have done the math and if we earn 0.00000192 BTC each hour, that would be 1,920 satoshis for 10 hours. That perfectly archivable because most of us spend around 10 hours at our PCs. 1 BTC = 11,411.20 USD right now. That would make 0.22 USD a day for just clicking every hour. 

    Hmmm, yeah, this may be good for some but there are better options online right now. Thank you for your suggestion.

    • Oh yes, this is only good for a little bit of money but if you are on the computer anyways…  LOL

      As you say, for REAL income, there are better options and I hope people consider Wealthy Associates.

      Thank you for your comment, Henry!

  16. This is very interesting in that it pays out while being completely free (with exception of the network fee)!! Sounds like it’s too good to be true, so no wonder people think it’s a scam. It does sound like the payout is small if you’re not actually investing… Curious, does it seem simple enough for a newbie to use to dip their toes in and test out the overall bitcoin world… or would you recommend starting somewhere else?

    • It just doesn’t GET any easier (or free-er) than this one so its a perfect place to start!  Just remember that its a trickle not a gushing stream!  Thank you so much for your comment, Aly!

  17. I’ve heard about free-bcash some times during the last couple of days from some friends of mine who tried it and made some money with it.

    However, they didn’t make that much for the time and effort they invested and so I think they stopped using it altogether. Maybe if they kept going and got some referrals they could have increased their earnings…

    What do you think?

    • I have to agree Xaric as the amount that you earn per click is pretty miniscule.  However, if you are on your computer for long hours and making the hourly clicks, they do add up.  I am usually able to withdraw .001 in about a week to a week and a half and since it takes nearly no effort, why not?  Personally, I did it without referrals as I wasn’t about to refer a site that didn’t pay out.

  18. Sounds odd because nothing in this world is free. However, once I think of what they must get in return ; the only thing I can think of is traffic and more traffic. This might get them income through Goggle. However, where do they get the income to pay all who play the games and get paid? Grants? 

    • Hiya Linda – I would think that they get their money both from the network fee that they charge and also through the advertising links that they have posted but there is nowhere on the site that specifies.  Thank you for the comment!

  19. Hello Darlene, thanks for the clarification made concerning this bcash. I had actually thought it was a scam when I came in contact with the site. As with many bitcoin free sites, I had the skeptical feeling and decided to seek clarifications. Though they never made false claims and I’m glad you cleared them to be legit. I will get myself engaged with it right away, at least if it will not make a full time income, it would still generate little extra bucks for me for free.


    • I agree – not big bucks but why not if you are on your computer anyways.  I NEVER say no to free money!  LOL

  20. I really loved the way you review bcash and giving me assurance that it is not a scam.I appreciate your time.that you have used to get this information base on the internet there are a lot of fake programs to find the good one means we should appreciate the friend or source that share it and I will also check out the lazur you mentioned.

    when you want to conclude you made mention of wealthy affiliate which is the king of all them to me.because am.also a premium member and I really love the service thanks for sharing to those that are new or just searching for means to earn online.

  21. Hello Darlene, thank you for another good review, I’m not really into Bitcoin or anything with crypto currency and I’m hoping to start. Free b-cash looks like a really cool place since it takes hourly clicks to get some Bitcoin I think I’ll try it out and make something off it. Who knows, maybe I could get lucky with the numbers. Do I need to have a Bitcoin wallet to sign up

    • Hey Henderson!  Yep, its super-easy.  You don’t need to have a bitcoin wallet to sign up – just to withdraw.  Happy clicking!

  22. Your review about bcash and lazur is very helpful and thanks for sharing. There are a lot of fake programs on the internet and to find genuine online business means a lot because impression that fake program gives bring giving up.

    when you want to conclude you made mention of wealthy affiliate which is the best of all the method that I know I can earn from. am.also a premium member and I really love the community thanks for sharing to those that are new or just searching for means to earn online legitimately

    • Thank you for the comment – I would recommend using both Lazur and free-bcash at the same time as its just as easy to click on each every hour and double your earnings.  They both seem to earn at around the same speed.  Its a nice little side-hustle in comparison to Wealthy Affiliates which would provide your bread and butter!

  23. Hi Darlene, thanks for the helpful info on the free-bcash app. Does the app only work in Bitcoin, or does it pay out in other types of coins? Also do you transfer the money to a crypocurrency wallet?

    My wife and I have been mining electroneum with our old phones that we don’t use anymore. Free-bcash looks like another easy way to earn cryptocurrency.

    • Hiya Nathan!  This one only does bitcoin and yes you do need a cryptocurrency wallet.  Having said that, you can start with it without the wallet – you just need it to be able to withdraw.  Great way to learn!

  24. Wow, this is a totally new concept to me! If I heard about it somewhere else I totally would think it’s a scam. Thanks for the educational review and details. It’s good to know about the minimum withdrawal and fee before hand. I’m always Interested to learn new ways to make extra money, so I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts. 

    • Thank you Alex!  Yes, the first time I tried it I only got to the network fee and then cashed out and couldn’t figure out why I didn’t get anything – LOL.  Gotta read the fine print so bad on me!  Live and learn!

  25. Hi Darlene!
    Great post! I haven’t heard of free-bcash before, so it was interesting to read about it. Even though it is not a scam, I don’t think I would try it. It seems very complicated to even earn a considerable amount of bitcoins there, so I wouldn’t invest my time on it. However, I understand why people would join this platform, considering it’s completely free. 

    Great work with your website, I hope I can learn more about sites and see if there are a scam or not. 



  26. I am very skeptical about places that earn you money without you putting anything into it. You have proven that bcash does indeed payout without having to invest anything in it. Even if it is infinitesimal. This begs the question, where do they get the money to make these payouts? Although they pay very little to each member, it can add up. 

    It is not worth the effort to me. When you mentioned Wealthy Affiliate, now that is something worth looking into. I always wanted to learn how to make real money online. And I am willing to work at it. I think I will check that out. 

    • Hi Edwin, I very much agree that Wealthy Affiliates is most definitely the place to go to earn real money and I wish you all success!

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