Is Lazur a Scam?

UPDATE!!!  As of about July 24, 2019 this entire site (Lazur) went down.  So, whether they were scammers or not, their site is now dead.  Check further down this blog for a way to make REAL money!

After having been caught in so many on-line bitcoin scams, it is a relief to write about this one. The simple answer to is Lazur a scam is NO. I never give a positive review on a site unless I have used it and I have and am still using this site. Lazur is an actual bit-coin mining platform that uses your computer to mine bitcoins.

If you are unsure what bitcoin or cryptocurrency is all about, check out my primer on this here for a full explanation of the ins and outs of this field.

Is Lazur a Scam?

I must say that I did some research on this site and got very mixed reviews. Most of the ones saying scam gave no backup to this so I must assume that these are just trolls as they offered absolutely no proof. Others spoke quite highly of it and showed plenty of proof of payment. So, in I went and gave it a go.

I went with the free plan for QUITE a while and it took time but I did get a payout. When I finally cracked open my purse strings and invested a WHOLE $5.00 (quite the big spender, eh?). I must say that even with this minimal investment, the hash speeds increased and I started to make a trickle of bitcoin. To me, the proof of any of these sites is do they pay out? If they don’t pay out then SCAM! If they do, NOT SCAM!

Here is a screenshot of my first payout however when digging deeper into reviews I found people with multiple payouts.

My payout:

And here is one from another person showing multiple payouts:

I was also quite impressed by the speed of the payout – I had my money the very next day.

How Does it Work?

First of all, you see your mining panel. Mine looks like this and you can see that I am mining bitcoins.

You can use this site completely for free but they also have a pricing structure to increase your GH/s. GH/s is your hash rate power which is the measurement of how much power the network is consuming to generate/find blocks. In simple terms, it is the speed that affects how quickly you will be earning. If you are interested, you can find more information isn this article: https://coinsutra.com/hash-rate-or-hash-power/.

Here is their pricing structure:

This site also can be used to generate a wide variety of cryptocurrencies as seen in my mining panel.

How to Speed up your Earnings for Free

Similar to Free-Bcash (also free and not a scam) it offers a bonus every hour but also a large one daily. Another difference is that the bonuses increase every hour, increasing your speed each hour. This REALLY speeds up your earnings. (You can see my review of FreeBitco.in (HERE.) Unfortunately, unlike Freebitco.in, it doesn’t give an audible sounds to remind you, which is why I usually use the two together and just click on both each hour. It works quite well for me and gives me two ways of earning.

For those of us who are glued to our keyboards for the vast majority of the day, I figure its nice to be earning a little while I do it (other than my REAL job, that is!).

Here is how the bonuses increase your HS/s from my own page:

WARNING: If you miss an hour or become disconnected, your bonuses go back down to the minimum.

Of course, you also can increase your profits by referring others. Your referrals get 25 Gh/s when registering with your referral link and you get 10% from purchases of your referrals 1 level. As I have been testing this site, I haven’t been referring so my stats are all just basic.

How Often can I Withdraw?

Basically, it all depends on which type of cryptocurrency you are mining. Minimum withdrawal amounts are 0.001 btc; 300 doge; 0.01 eth; 0.5 usd; 0.01 ltc. Unlike Free-Bcash, there is no network fee so once you hit your minimum, you can withdraw at any time.

How Fast Will I Get Rich?

LOLOLOLOL – I just can’t HELP putting this type of heading in here! As with most of the LEGITIMATE platforms out there, the answer is NEVER. That is unless you have a whole host of motivated friends that you can refer and earn off of.

Even at their maximum investment – a whopping $5,000, you will only be getting 7%. So this certainly beats out bank interest and would be a decent investment when compared to that. If, however, you are like me and have limited funds, this is a nice way to earn a steady trickle of bitcoins which adds up over time but it DOES take time.

If you are reading this, I have to think that you are looking to make REAL money on the internet. However, with all the scams, MLMs and pyramid schemes out there, it becomes totally daunting and can also be EXPENSIVE as some encourage you to invest and then laugh all the way to the bank with your hard-earned money while giving you nothing. That is if you are lucky and have only wasted your TIME rather than your MONEY.

How to Make REAL Money On-Line

Are you making enough money now? Perhaps you are a student who is looking to pay off those student loans? Or, are you a stay at home mom looking to help out with the family bills? There are much better ways to make a real living on-line and that is with Wealthy Affiliate.

We all have a passion – something that we have a real interest in and would like to share with others. Wealthy Affiliate allows you to create your own niche website in order to become an affiliate marketer and earn passive income by directing people to those things that you really believe in and are passionate about!

Excellent Online Learning

The training platform is extremely comprehensive and you DO as you LEARN (which has been proven to be the best way to learn).  It also has an awesome community that is always there to encourage you and to answer your questions.

This is the most comprehensive training and business building site that I have come across and, should you wish to pay for premium access, is most definitely the least expensive.  The value for dollar is the best out there.


After being scammed several times, I approached Wealthy Affiliate with a heaping pile of skepticism. The only reason why I even gave it a try is because it offered a week of training and the ability to build two websites completely for free – and that training and the two websites STAY completely free if that is as far as you wish to take it. They do not even ask for a credit card.

You know the type of deal – give your credit card for x amount of time for free and then if you forget to cancel you get nailed with a bill. Not with Wealthy Affiliate. You will only be charged IF and when you choose to go premium to unlock the full range of courses and website hosting that it offers. If you choose to stay on the free plan, then you can. Forever. For free. Period. There is absolutely no risk.

  • Are you unhappy with the amount of money you are making?
  • Are you drowning in debt?
  • Do you have a passion/hobby/interest to share with the world?
  • Do you want to earn REAL money?

Join Wealthy Affiliates for free and give it a try! What have you got to lose?


Thank you so much for reading this!  I would love to hear your thoughts so please join the conversation.  Also, your comments help me to write blogs on related issues that I might not have thought of.  Remember, the only stupid question is the one that isn’t asked!

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Darlene Thompson

After being sucked into various on-line scams, especially those involving bitcoins, I have dedicated this site and my work herein to ensure that nobody falls into the traps that I have and to assist people in making REAL money on-line, from home. After all, if you can dream it you CAN do it and I'm here to help!


  1. Really interesting review. Good to hear that this one isn’t a scam — there are too many of those already out there. It’s nice to see that there isn’t a network fee. How common is it to see that there is no network fee for investors? Looking to get started but also still hesistant / feel like I should keep researching…

    • Nice to hear from you Aly!  Network fees differ from site to site.  They aren’t uncommon.

  2. Hello, I enjoy your review of Lazur’s websites – detailed, professional and presenting evidence of your work on it. Many people assume that Something is scam when they Don’t earn quick money.  However, though I am a fan of cryptocurrencies, I have never tried to mine them as I heard that mining consumed lots of Energy (especially electricity) and that it was bad for the environment. Anyway, I also enjoyed that you were honest about the earning perspectives of this activity whoch appear to be quite minimal. At least, if you have a true business venture, you can earn money as soon as your business is Rolling. Good post!

    • Thanks for the comment, Angelce!  You’re right it does take energy but if you’re computer is on anyways, this will consume no more than you are already using.  Energy consumption only becomes a concern if you have your own cryptomining machine (which is a true energy HOG).

  3. Thanks for this informative write up of Lazur. I have heard so many mixed things about cryptocurrency, Bitcoin being the most well-known for me, that I had been wary of getting involved. It seems like you are doing pretty ok though. Do you have any concerns about the stability of it, or are you not too worried because you don’t have much invested? 

    Additionally, do you think you would invest more in crypto if you had more funds, or are there other places you can recommend investing as well?

    Thanks again for the article as I count myself better informed after reading it!

    • Hey Steve, thanks for the comments.  Crypotcurrency fluctuates just like any country’s currency fluctuates and perhaps more so.  Having said that, I think its here to stay.  As you say, I don’t have much invested but this is because I am testing out various sites so I am mainly only doing the free/low cost.

      There definitely ARE some sites I would invest in if I had more money and will be reviewing them shortly.  Over-all, you will get greater gains than in a bank.  You just need to be wise when withdrawing so that you aren’t investing high and selling low – like any other investment.

      Having said that, if you can earn even a small trickle of money by clicking hourly on these risk-free sites and if you are on the computer anyways, why not?

  4. Hi Darlene

    It is good to hear from a programme that is not a scam, especial with bitcoins where there are so many promising you easy money. If you make money slowly it looks like a good programme. If that you can make money quick then I get worried.

    I like how you try and test programmes, as it gives to me confidence that they have truly been through the mill and has the Darlene seal of approval.

    As the value of bitcoins fluctuate, won’t you make more money on  some days than on other days.

    Thank you for this review.


    • Thank you, Antonio!  Yep, I won’t recommend a site unless I’ve received payment.  You are absolutely correct that bitcoins fluctuate but, then again, so does the peso or the Canadian dollar.  Having said that, you will definitely maximize your profits if you watch the value of the bitcoin but even if you don’t, at least this site is safe!

  5. A friend introduced me to bitcoins a six years ago when bitcoins were just coming on the market; I was afraid then and still is; a year or so when there was a big return on investments. I wondered if I had made a mistake, but the bubble did not take long to burst; my fear is that governments might start having a closer look for fear of illegal activities. -don’t bet what you can’t afford to loose- so I will remain an onlooker. I have not been following the progress of bitcoins, What is the latest scoop.Thanks for sharing.

    Good luck.

    • Governments and central banks will always dislike bitcoins and that’s why I LOVE them.  Bitcoins bypass both of these two institutions that think they should have their fingers in EVERYTHING.  I believe that this is the beauty of the bitcoin but, then again, I’ve always been a bit of an anarchist.  There is also absolutely nothing that the governments or banks can do about cryptocurrency.  They are just like domain names – they do not belong to ANY country or high powered institution and it drives such entities NUTS.  Thanks for the comment!

  6. I have read a lot of scams about crypto currency. So i tend to stay away from bitcoins and the like. Besides I got scammed 2x on trading platforms so I kinda scared dealing with other money making online offers, except of course for affiliate marketing😉. Your blog is quite interesting, it’s one of the few that reveals a legit bitcoin platform. It’s good to read a review from people who tried it themselves so atleast readers will know they are reading the truth about the platform.

    • Thank you, Gillian!  I never recommend a site unless I’ve gone through it myself and have received payment.  No payment = SCAM!!!

  7. I have always considered checking this out but the feedbacks I got about this platform really discouraged me from taking action. Like you said there were no real proof on some of the claims made about this system being a scam which is why I had doubt about them. 

    Reading this post I am more assured that they would be worth checking out. Maybe I can also start with $5 just to be safe.

    • Of course, you can also start for free!  Just make sure you hit those hourly bonuses – they are what really make the difference!

  8. Thank you for the review of Lazur.  I am interested in the Bitcoin mining process but was not personally familiar with Lazur.  It is good to hear about personal positive experiences with such such sites as there are so many which are misleading.  I believe it is wise to do such extensive research as you did, which gives your article more credibility.  You can’t beat free so I am giving it a try.  As you mentioned in one of your comments, “if you can earn even a small trickle of money by clicking hourly on these risk-free sites and if you are on the computer anyways, why not?”  I completely agree!

  9. Finally! A real bitcoin mining site that actually pays. It’s good to see that this one is not a scam and thanks for reviewing. Most of the other platforms just make you work it all out and never pay anything. Ivan also use this as a side hustle. Nothing good comes easy so I’ll be sure to take my time to make what I can and refer as many as are interested. Thanks for reviewing.

    • I’m so glad you found this useful, Henderson!   Good luck!

  10. Making assumptions about  a platform without proper research is just a detriment to one’s success and getting few bucks stacked up to one’s monthly income. I was very skeptical when I was told about this Lazur website by a colleague at work since scam websites are dominant these days. However, I’m glad that this isn’t a scam and my research yields positive. Also, a plus point here that is gingering me to get involved with this site is that your review shows your personal experience with them. I am also like you and most of my time is spent behind the PC so, this could be a positive way to add up a few more bucks. 

    • I sure don’t blame you in your skepticism, Ro.  Be assured that I never recommend a site without first trying it by myself and before recommending it to anybody else.  This way, I receive no additional help through referrals and can give an unbiased opinion.  Best of luck!

  11. A lot of my friends have been using Lazur for a while now and they have no complaints about it… They always tell me that I should get started as well with bitcoin but I don’t have the time to learn all about the concepts and how it works.

    Are there any good guides that you know of on starting with bitcoin? I wouldn’t say no to earning some more money per month.

  12. Hello Darlene,

    I have tried mining ETH in the past and found that it was quite difficult to do without a bank of powerful computers. Thanks for showing me a way to do mining by using the power of someone else’s computers. I think this is a great idea. Although you can only go up to 7%, that is still a great deal more that if you were using your own stand alone computer to do the job.

    What level of investment do you think gives the best value?

    • Hi Clive,  I couldn’t agree about the difficulty of mining ETH with your own computers but KUDOS for even trying it!.  To answer your question, it all depends on the amount of money you are willing to part with.  Personally, I would start low, gain confidence, and go from there.  But that’s just me!

  13. Hi,

    I have read that using our computers from mining will affect
    its hardware and also leads to more consumption of electricity?
    Is that true?

    You have shown a screenshot of your payout. Since you are
    mining bitcoin, you will be getting bitcoin as a payout.

    My question is, is there a way to convert the bitcoin to US dollars
    or we can only use the bitcoin as it is?

    • Thank you for your questions, Midhun!  To answer: 

      If you are using specialized bitcoin mining computer(s) then yes they are absolutely energy hogs and are totally not worth it unless you REALLY know what you are doing.  This, however, is cloud mining so its just a matter of having an extra tab up on a computer you are already using so does not affect either hardware or electrical consumption.  That is assuming that your computer is on and being used for other purposes anyways.

      Yes, bitcoin can be withdrawn into the currency of your choice.

      My next article will be a “cryptocurrency primer” as I have been getting quite a lot of questions on this matter.  Thank you for adding to the conversation!

  14. It’s good that Lazur isn’t a scam, but seems like a ton of work would be involved in regards to referring people. And it just seems like it would take forever to accumulate a single Bitcoin, but to some people it might be worth it. But I suppose if someone is browsing the internet or gaming already, then they have absolutely nothing really to lose by doing this.

    • Hi Nate,

      Yes, I work on my computer all day so clicking on it once per hour doesn’t actually make much of a difference.  However, as you say, if you aren’t tied to your laptop it wouldn’t be worth it at all.  The real money is in affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliates.

  15. Dear Darlene,

    To be honest, I have tried many bitcoin mining and bitcoin faucets and lost a lot of money. Many of them are scams and only a few are genuine. Also, those who are genuine, earnings with them are very low.

    Thanks a lot for the thorough and comprehensive review post. I keep searching for cryptocurrency opportunities because I believe it might be the future.

    It’s great news to know that Lazur is not a scam and they are paying. Sharing from your experience adds more value to this review post. Sounds interesting, I will give a try with both Lazur and Free-Bcash. Thanks for sharing the reality about the earnings we can make.

    Much Success!


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